Protect Yourself Against Corruption and Incompetence: Buy Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin

22. May 2023 By admin Off

• US debt ceiling talks have not yielded any results and economists fear a global financial crash.
• Robert Kiyosaki urges investors to turn to gold, silver, and bitcoin as insurance against corruption and incompetence.
• President Biden is unperturbed by the situation with US debt ceiling talks.

US Debt Ceiling Talks

The US debt ceiling talks have been fruitless so far and economists are concerned that it may lead to a massive global financial crash, despite politicians claiming otherwise. In response to this situation, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame has suggested that investors buy gold, silver and bitcoin in order to protect themselves from potential disaster.

Corruption and Incompetence

Kiyosaki believes there is a high level of corruption in the country due its current leaders and urged people to invest in these assets as “insurance against corruption and incompetence”. He believes this will be the best way for people to protect their money from any potential economic downturn or collapse.

President Joe Biden

Despite the lack of progress on the issue, President Joe Biden appears unperturbed by it all. He has yet to make any comment on the matter or take action which could prevent a potential financial meltdown.

Implications for Investors

The implications for investors are clear – they should consider buying gold, silver or bitcoin in order to protect themselves from possible negative outcomes due to US debt ceiling talks not leading anywhere. Kiyosaki’s advice may be particularly relevant given his pessimistic outlook on the global economy going forward.


In conclusion, it appears that investing in gold, silver or bitcoin could prove beneficial for investors looking for protection against a potential economic collapse due to US debt issues not being resolved soon enough. Although President Biden remains silent on the issue so far, Robert Kiyosaki’s warnings should not be taken lightly by those who wish to secure their finances during these uncertain times.